Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Crazy Potter Fans...

Oh yes, they are already "reviewing" Harry Potter 7 at AMAZON! Some interesting and some kooky ideas and thoughts here, some almost incomprehensible. Makes for a bit of fun though. These books have had a huge influence on reading. Being so well written as well; that's a bonus. May J.K. Rowling power on and give us the apex of her work yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's been a long...long....time!

Here I finally am again. Serger did send me back to a sewing world. The online sewing world has grown by leaps and bounds. The sewing machine world has moved on to electronic and now computerized...but for sewing I prefer the old-fashioned heavy worker sewing machines. Mine has lasted now for 28.5 years. And the new serger is not something that replaces a sewing machine; it does the edging and can do lots more than I will never use it for. I mean, how many times do you have to serge on some fake pearl trim?! This site is for all the sewists out there...yes, that's really the new name. I guess sewer=sewer...not good.

In the world of Booxter, I finished up the datebase of electronic books, printed the report and am now able to add them as they come. I love a good organization coup.

Fall is upon us, so it's a good time for reading, sewing, knitting and just vegging out by the old tele. I am trying to read John Lecarre's Absolute Friends. Tough getting into that. Have purchased Ayelet Waldman's first "baby-crime" book, Nursery Crimes and that's up next. For deep winter I am saving A Salty Piece of Land from Jimmy Buffet, and the last Charles Portis novel I own. Unfortunately, if Portis doesn't publish soon that's all there is.

Harry Potter 6 was excellent. I prefer the somewhat dark yet magisterial affect Harry has in the latest tome. Snape - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!! Well, I theorize that Snape is following orders and that Dumbledore (why does Gandolf come to mind?!) is not finished. Nuff' said.