Monday, March 29, 2004

Suddenly I couldn't put an application into the Application folder for all to use. WHAT? And of course I am the admin account. This forced me to use the Utilities that came with the eMac. A run of "Repair Permissions" and I am once more in the driver's seat. At least the Mac is letting me think so for awhile. First time I had run that program in the year and a month and a half since buying the Mac, and I must say that the utilities, like all things Mac, run with a quiet confident look and feel. Now my guilt resides in not using the iPod enough.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Yes indeed, the mouse speed was too fast. I had turned it up all the way and that was apparently too much for my little MacAlly IceMouseJr. I love the mouse though. Anyhow, now I can say that Photologist is responsive all the time! The photo gallery feature is so nice, and the interface, though needing figuring out, is easily learned. I have to admit I rarely use the HELP feature in a program unless really pressed, so perhaps a read through would have saved me even the small amount of time it took to get going in Photologist. I had tried this program before about a year ago to the week, and I am really impressed with the latest incarnation. Have a look at To the Point Software, Terry Findlay programming in Real Basic. I have the little calendar program and the font manager from him as well. Excellent little programs. Although I cannot call the font program "little." I like it a lot.
A long hiatus, and a change in direction here for awhile. Had to get a good FTP program for the eMac, so I installed (and paid for) Transmit 2 from Panic Software. An excellent program. In just a tiny amount of time I had my website - such as it is - up on a new server without advertising. That is really a plus. And a very smooth transition it was. Now to remember to edit it, and perhaps improve it from time to time.

And did I mention Mozilla Firefox? If not, then this is the time for all to go get a copy and install on your system. Linux, Windows and Mac - all run well. I use the Windows version at work and the Mac version at home, and both run smoothly and without many hitches. I can access all sorts of sites, online ordering at my favorite sites is a breeze, and the speed of Firefox is awesome. On the Mac at home with a modem the speed of Firefox makes all the difference in the world. And I have to admit the "skins" are as much fun as Opera's. And the Open Source Community of Mozilla makes the effort worthwhile. I hope that Mozilla attracts a huge number of users. To say it is better than IE is just such an understatement.

Meanwhile, the addition of Photologist (and I am going to register that too) to my passle of photo proggies has increased my ability to play with my photos even more. I love the effects you can create with photologist, including cropping in shapes, vignetting, coloring backgrounds, etc. Photologist is a bit eccentric though, sometimes I get no response when I click a folder to view my pictures. But it could be this mouse. More trial days to come. Final verdict to follow.