Saturday, April 08, 2006

Public Domain threatened...again...

Big publishing strikes again. The eBook world is plagued by what is really reversal of expiring copyright. Old texts which we enjoy as free or very low priced ebooks are attracting the attention of entities who once had an interest in these texts, and the fact that copyright expired has not deterred publishers from attempting (with some success) to take a long view of their "rights." Today I got word via the Blackmask Online newsletter that Conde Nast is sueing him over a couple of very old pulp stories that someone is making into a movie. There is money to be made, and they smell it. Can the little guy hold out against large corporate aggression and help preserve just a bit of public domain? A court in Maryland will have the first say.

Please hit that link and go see the site, and see all the good work Daniel has done over the years to keep the ebook readership alive and well, and supplied with good reading.