Friday, January 13, 2006

Whales endangered by Norway and Iceland too...

Apparently Japan isn't the only one out there...I thought Norway had stopped whaling, but not so. Iceland has started whaling again, and although their take is small, it does contravene the international agreement. Is there no consortium of countries who can apply pressure?

Several sci-fi books come to mind. Ursula LeGuin's "The World for World is Forest" and Alan Dean Foster's "Cachalot" are two off the top of my head that warn us against rapaciously treating our fellow inhabitants of the universe.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Greenpeace out there for the whales...

In late December 2005, Greenpeace was on the front lines in the sea near Antarctica trying to put themselves between the Japanese whaling fleet's guns and the minke whales. In small boats off their main vessel, courageous Greenpeacers are fighting the battle the world community is too scared to fight. Although whaling was banned in the 1980s, Japan continues to take whales. This time the "harvest" is intended to be about 1000 minke whales, 50 fin whales and, horrendous as this is to me, 50 humpback whales. The world community stands by with the officially horrified faces and wringing wrists. I guess that old saying still applies:

"If there is no penalty, compliance is optional."

Think about supporting Greenpeace in the struggle to save not only the whales, but the planet.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Reading: Donald Westlake, Robert Ludlum, Olivia Manning and John Le Carre. Next up: Jimmy Buffet, William Boyd, Charles Portis and Agatha Christie.

Listening: Michael Feinstein, Rosie Clooney, Jimmy Buffett, Jerry Jeff Walker, Russian Balalaika, Gil Shaham, Shostakovich and assorted violin classics.

Making: Top, pants, sewing machine covers, children's PJs...

Working: as usual

Opinions: Love these Dortmunder books, sewing is fun, IS THERE better music for improving the mood than Buffett?

Long time no it getting boring? It used to be something new, and in the beginning not many people did it but now everyone and their dog - literally - are blogging, are website building, as lame as most of it is, and the newness and exclusivity has more than worn off...what's next?