Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Microsoft WORD for Mac

I did it. I got MS WORD on the Mac and OH BOY. What a relief. I am sorry Nisus Writer and Mariner Write, but WORD blows away all the other word processors for the Mac. I have been soldiering onward with Appleworks and Nisus for the last three years, and now I am sorry I didn't get WORD right away. I didn't get Office because I don't need it. But I need WORD. Mactopia has a nice newsletter and lots of ideas for using the Notebook features and Articles and Tips has resources for projects. I found the interface not only Macish but prettier than the Mac apps I already have. WOW. So, I read everything I could about the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft and it was pretty interesting. Is there hope for convergence of systems? Who knows. The propaganda from Apple about Microsoft is getting a bit worn and tattered at this point. Everytime I read one of my Mac magazines and see someone take another hit at MS over the BSOD I scream. Haven't had one of those on a PC since we installed XP. Get with it, MacHeads. I love my Mac but I also use and like XP on a PC.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway and Harry Bosch

The latest hot news from this corner of space is PROJECT RUNWAY winner Jeffrey Sebelia. Didn't like him until I saw the rerun with Angela's Mom. The woman is seriously passive-aggressive, and the whole thing was a tempest in a teapot. TeeVee drama and reality show hype. Uli was terrific at Bryant Park, she will go far and sell lots. Michael's collection was stunning but not as good as some of his work on PR. He is a great guy, has a winning personality and will be successful I'm sure. Laura brings some elegance to the world, but nothing she does is really new...although the silver beaded dress with the chartreuse belting was stunning and the only original thing she did. Again, she should be commercially successful.

But then there is Jeffrey. His style, his originality and his overboard persona won the day and the prize! And I was glad. The world of fashion design isn't about us regular people, it's about verve, raw energy and the buzz of electricity that personifies youth. Some of it trickles down into what we wear or more likely into our accessories here in the doldrums of everyday mainstream life. It's fun, it's hip, and it's a whole big lot of entertainment!

And, Harry Bosch, LAPD, my latest reading obsession. Well written, steeped in angst, fast moving and still cerebral, Michael Connelly is an expert craftsman. I am on the 8th in the series and they are still absorbing and challenging. Can't say that for very many series.