Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Funny Road to Gandolfo...

Robert Ludlum wrote Road to Gandolfo under the pseudonym Michael Shepard. His editor didn't think that he could afford to leave his own genre quite so hilariously. Published later with Ludlum's own name, this is a riotous extreme look at what a disgruntled and frustrated man can accomplish when he looks at "the big picture." I haven't finished it yet, but for a late February pick-me-up, you can't go wrong with this one!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Miss Garnet's Angel

Salley Vickers writes in a lyrical even style that at first fools the reader into thinking nothing is going on, but slowly the story takes over your mind. Miss Garnet is a retired British teacher, a life-long Communist, who suddenly loses her roommate of decades to death. Since they had planned on traveling when they retired, Miss Garnet (Julia) decides to make a trip to Venice at any rate, not that she is much of a traveler herself. That was always left to Harriet, her now dead friend and roomate.

The novel intertwines the apocryphal book of Tobit with the story of Julia herself. Venice changes her outlook, her routine, and ultimately, her life. The weaving of the art, architecture and culture of Venice into the story is subtle, and the presence of the Archangel Rafael is bewitching, both to Julia and to the reader. We only see a part of our world.

I went to the Apochypha (King James version is the most poetic) and read Tobit again (the novel contains Salley Vicker's embellished version) which I hardly remembered. A very entertaining and adventurous yarn it is.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Fishpad and ScrapX...

Installing Fishpad is simple. It functions as a scrapbook and clipboard, as does ScrapX. They are on opposite ends of a continuum though. ScrapX, if anything, is overdocumented! What a joy, really, to find an application with so much user information. There is a PDF user's manual, an addendum to same, a readme file, etc., and the website is chock full of information. I love it. Fishpad is bare bones, no help, simple and works. A great FREE app. I like them both, so I decided to keep them both, register ScrapX, and try to figure out what use I can make of them both. I used Fishpad the other evening just to take some random notes. Compared to the usual clipboard, which holds only one item both in Windows and in Mac, these programs are a Godsend.

Have ordered yet one more Kensington Mouse, the Kensington 72121 Optical Mouse. I had one, I really liked it, but I gave it away to another family computer in the house. Grrrr...so I am finally replacing that one on my Mac. The IOGEAR trackball/regular mouse is great, but the functionality is not full in Mac OS X so I want that mouse at work instead of the HO-HUM Logitech mouse they provide with these machines.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


A couple nights ago, after the new MacAddict came, I decided to try ScrapX. EXCELLENT! I am sure there will be times this software will be valuable, though my needs aren't as complex as the software is capable of supporting. Try it, even for a couple times a month it is fun to have. It just looks so good,too, and is FUN as well. HAH.

Bill needs a 'pod!

Read this article and had to laugh out loud...maybe if you ban them they'll just go away? Yup...that's the strategy to follow. Meanwhile, cannot believe how time flies. My eMac is paid off...oh don't the iMacs look good though...hhmm. More RAM though, and then maybe a...and then...