Tuesday, December 26, 2006

End of the year wrapup...

Under gray soggy skies 2006 edges into the past. I have no pretentious words of wisdom, just a long list of things I meant to do and didn't get done. I think that is a good thing. Too many things to do means a reason to look forward to every day! I just bought myself Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell which looks as long as its title. I capitulated to the many reviews in the New York Times as well as less prestigious rags, notwithstanding the rather negative review in the Guardian. I have high hopes for an absorbing adventure. Then, for Christmas I got The Hot Rock, another Dortmunder caper. in fact the very first Dortmunder caper. So - I of course want to romp through the Dortmunder adventure rather than take on the tome! Meanwhile I am reading an older Hammond Innes title Levkas Man from 1975 or so. Having read his excellently written novels before I knew this one would be good, but hadn't realized how good. Boats, Greece, mystery, and good writing - does it get better?

My fixation on the Mac game Quinn, which is a tetris-like game in pretty colors, has resulted in my high score being so high I will never do any better, thus proving sad for me now when my games score pathetically low. Having nowhere else to say that, I thought I would throw it in here.

Technology-wise, no big news. I can't get excited about the new Zune, and living as I now do in the POST-iPod era, I have no interest in new phones that play music. Or for that matter, new phones that do anything but provide phone service. By post-iPod I mean that mine is dead - battery long gone, and I haven't the interest in seeing if a replacement for a 3d gen. iPod is even out there. So, since I live without earphones or buds growing out of my ears, I find myself playing music on the PC at work, the Mac at home, and loving my iTunes library. My friend has a Nano though and she loves it.

My Mac works so well, so quietly and so smoothly that I am now stuck in a groove and so comfy I can't believe she is now almost four! The first week of February 2007, now only a month away really, she hits four, and so far works like a charm. I have every program I need, including this year's big hit (for me) WORD for Mac.