Friday, October 29, 2004

How about those Sox!!

WOW. Needless to say the scene here in New England was actually riotous after the Red Sox victory. All I can say is the Red Sox "came to play ball", and the Cardinals didn't. That Red Sox team made not only their own history but history for baseball forever. What a game and what a year. It was a needed upper in a world quite frankly full of gloom.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Palm fun

And, in other news, the Zire 21 is a lot of fun. The "blemished" part of my purchase is either the teensie nick on the screen, OR the fact that the battery is pretty easy to run down in not too long a time. This battery thing shouldn't happen in the Zire models because they are monochrome, and they have no glitz like cameras, color photo display, etc. Meanwhile, I bought Eric Snider's Solitaire, and QED the Palm OS "word processor." It is sooo cute, really. I am surprised at the functionality of something as small as the 160x160 screen on the Zire. I am so glad I bought it because my purpose was to get one at rock bottom cost and see if I liked using it. The trial is still ongoing, as I don't fully trust the PDA over my paper organizer yet. After all, I carry various items tucked into the pockets of the organizer, and I have to do "virtual tucking" on the PDA. I am very pleased with the Mac Palm Desktop software, and in addition, I back up the user data to my own file as well as doing the built-in backup. I have also acquired a little program for converting txt to pdb and back again on the Mac. PorDiBle is excellent, and it is open source software. I don't like or have PayPal, so I cannot make a donation for this, but I want to get the word out - PorDiBle for Mac!

Baseball....what a game

Delirious the last few nights staying up to watch every inning of the playoffs between the Yankees and the Red Sox. WOW. What games they were. My team didn't do the job this year, so the Sox go to the World Series. Looks like it could be a match between the Cardinals, who haven't tread that arena since 1987, and the Sox, who haven't seen the series since 1986. At any rate, the uniforms will be great! Lots of color. Play on.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debates and baseball...

The Yankees and the Red Sox are better viewing than the presidential debates. The general reaction to the debates seems to be to make fun of the candidates, parody their gestures, critique how they said what they said and in general to reduce it all to show biz. When I hear a commentator say "Kerry should not be allowed to talk without the script his writers give him", or hear "What was that square thing Bush had on?" I can only say that a realization of how serious the world is now, and the thought that is really required to make hard choices, is absent. How can it be that humor and cynicism have supplanted thoughtful consideration, hard thinking and deliberation. I have to chose between two men to lead our nation. I may not feel up to that challenge. The easy fix means people want to think that Kerry will make it all better, but logic tells me that he hasn't been doing the job, so he hasn't actually had to make any decisions that matter, and "talk is cheap" as the old cliche goes. Meanwhile, the President of the United States has had to do the job. I have no way to know if Kerry would do that job better, worse, or much the same.

Meanwhile baseball provides a battle of another kind. One that really doesn't matter, thus is much easier on the soul.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

USA a third world country?

What is this flu vaccine nightmare? One company only that we buy from, and it is in the UK? And then they get contaminated and we have to cut back tremendously on our distribution of the vaccine? So - how much does this country really value health care, prevention and the lives of its citizens? All good questions. At least my aged father got a flu shot. Many of us who usually get them are not going to get them this year. There will be lives lost because of the incredible situation our healthcare priorities have begotten. And believe this - none of the politicians will really give us national health care because in order to run for office one must be beholden to far too many large corporations. The only way to GET better health care is to constantly lobby and write to your congressional representatives not once but consistently. And it will take far more people to do this than I think are willing to take the time. As long as SHAME is the reaction one has to having no health insurance, we are stuck in our own cultural morass.

Zire has me busy...

Exploring the capabilities of the Zire 21 has me busy. There are many applications you can get for it, but really, the ones they have are fine. the only thing I really want is a word processor/text editor and a converter to turn text files into palm DOC format for reading on the Palm. There are a couple out there as far as text editors, notably QED and WORDSMITH. See the descriptions at PalmOne software store or PalmGear. As far as a converter, on the Mac there seems to be not much choice, and the application PorDiBle seems to have excellent ratings, so I'll try it?

I got a cover and some extra styli, and I find reading "The Wizard of Oz" on the Zire great fun. Did I mention that eReader is just great!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Zire up and running...

I took it out of the box, and I cannot see how it is “blemished.” So that was good. Then I charged it for the three recommended hours. That was fine. I turned it on - it worked. I plugged in the USB cord, stuck it in the Mac, and installed the Palm Desktop for Mac. I dropped the files I wanted on the Zire, hit the HotSync icon, and WHOOOOSCH....up it all went - no sweat. Then I read a bit of “The Wizard of Oz” on the Zire, then fell into bed - now to get addresses imported - I am not putting them in by hand for sure.

I must say Palm OS really is smooth. I like the Palm Reader on the Mac and on Windows, and the Zire is working flawlessly so far. I made the mistake of reading too many dire postings of how the Mac would not support the HotSync, and in reality it all worked flawlessly. Anyhow - all seems well, and I am going to love this baby.

The drawback was absolutely NO paper in the box except the reminder to register the Zire. No booklet with set-up instructions. There are instructions in the software in Adobe Reader format, and luckily I had printed a lot of info from the documents at the PalmOne website before getting the unit. And quite a bit of the documentation is outdated in the version of the software I have - there were two differing instruction sets in two different documents on how to HotSync files from your desktop to the Zire, and neither were necessary with my version of Palm and OS X 10.2.8. It actually supports drag and drop from the directory on the desktop! Then you HotSync and that's that.

Now to get a case so I can carry it with me everywhere. And maybe a lighted stylus...and...

OmniWeb update...

OmniWeb is now MINE, and worth every penny. The nifty feature I haven't mentioned in the past is the built-in support for RSS! Yes, you can add RSS feeds to the bookmarks, and the dock icon will indicate the number of new unread items when you connect to the internet. So I tossed my stand-alone reader into the wastebasket because the built-in functionality in OmniWeb is sufficient for my RSS needs.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

iTunes makes news in Redmond...

Well, the news that Mr. Balmer considers all of us iPod owners thieves must have certainly given the world of techdom some interesting reading. I suppose the fact that Apple created the iPod, and that Apple created iTunes Store has been a real bother for some like him.