Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cable musings...

We get silver tier digital television, and last night there was nothing better on than old "Seinfeld" reruns. I sat there convulsed with laughter, watching "Seinfeld" and "King of Queens." The movie package is what I prefer to watch, thus squeezing max payback out of the cable bill, and of course high-speed internet is always great, so I shouldn't complain. But lately I have seen the movies I wanted to see, and they just keep rotating around.'re thinking I should be reading all those books I have piled up, but why is it that summer encourages sloth? I am reading. Slowly. One eBook and one hard cover. Next week, "Harry Potter 6" is coming, and I want to leave reading space for that. That's my excuse. I need to watch "Blind Date" and leave reading space for Harry.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer reading seems to consist of lighter fare. Right now I am finishing Robert Ludlum's "Matarese Countdown." Sequel to "Matarese Circle." It isn't as bad as most reviewers said, but then the first book was not as great as many felt it to be. I like Ludlum for light reading. His style grows on you, but he tends to not have a knack for bringing the reader up to speed when the book is a sequel. Rather cumbersome boilerplate informs you of who what and why at every turn. In the case of "The Matarese Countdown" there is also the feeling that he wrote it in installments and had feared the reader could easily forget the characters. For instance, the reader is constantly reminded of the nickname of the main character, Beowolf Agate, being a code for Brandon Alan. Sigh. Really, we had that drilled into our skulls in the first book. I don't need every page to say "Beowolf Agate...the alias for Scofield, ace agent..." or words to that effect.

Ludlum had an awkward way with the women in his books. The women seemed to be very stereotyped, no matter what their role, from agent to computer whiz to business ace, yet in a sort of a good way. Always "motherly" or "she beamed in an indulgent way," or "as women will do" sort of thing. Dated, but not insufferably so.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Craving the iBook

iBook. Small, clean and functional. it's FUNKY too. I love the color, and the feel and the look. And it would be so handy to take when traveling. The trouble here is that I don't travel for business, so there is really no excuse. Keeping in touch with friends and family and job when on vacation? I can do that on the phone. Slowly but surely the refurbs and the demos are looking better and better. Apple is out of the refurbs today - but you never know. One of these days...

Thursday, July 07, 2005


After another great week in Minnesota last month, I thought I would give the picture feature here at Blogger a whirl...this is the Red Lake River south of Thief River Falls, MN. Picture taken by my daughter on her Kodak digital camera. Since this Blogger feature works nicely, I can now add the camper pictures to the Coleman site. What fun!

Thanks Blogger! Not only a classy interface, but great templates, a photo feature, and the ability to tweak templates to my heart's delight. Why any other host for a blog?!