Sunday, October 07, 2012

Jet Blue rocks!

Jet Blue. What can I say? I finally tried it for myself after a dozen trips out West. Everything they do is different from every other airline in the way they do it. No huge metal rolling elbow crusher down the aisle....they deliver drinks and snacks with trays and bags. They take your drink preference and bring it to you. No loud, assertive announcing, no pushing around the passengers, no boarding the planes in a hoard. They loaded consistently from back to front  with the exception of the front row "More Leg Room" spaces for which you pay more - only about 20-30 more!  Boarding from back to front JUST MAKES SENSE. The inflight television offers a nice set of channels and the snacks are better than Delta's - that's for sure.  Now, the most important thing overall is the difference in the ambiance of the entire experience. Each and every employee in all three airports I visited on my trips - Burlington, Vermont, New York, NY, and Seattle, WA, was polite and spole always in a moderate tone. No loud yelling, no brisk treatment of the passengers. Seemingly calm at every moment, the Jet Blue employees were considerate and kind. This ambiance of calm permeated through the gates, the plane and the passengers, which just rolled along into an entire calm surround. I really think that other airlines should send at least one or two of the higher managers on a trip on Jet Blue to see how you do it - Delta is only my example since I have flown Delta and Northwest before that so much, but all other airlines I have flown have been more or less the same, except Jet Blue. I can only put down the difference to a different philosophy of customer service that must flow down from the top and spread as it goes. Whatever goes on there, I applaud it and look forward to my next flight on Jet Blue.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chabon Returns on Vinyl plus eBook Excitement...

Lookie here! Another Michael Chabon novel! This is really the best news since chewing gum. And somehow I missed that it was being published this week, and then it hit my desk for cataloging. What a terrific week! Of course I zipped on over to B&N to buy me one. So I can wait until maybe October to read this, as I am sure it will be a long wait for another. Having finished Maps and Legends, I did need another fix. Chabon is, without a doubt, the best wordcrafter in the English language today. At the same time as the release of Telegraph Avenue, several publishers settled with the government about eBook pricing. Now that is a milestone, and I hope the government keeps pushing for fairness in the eBook market, as anything over $9.99 is really gouging. I am thinking of an eBook purchase as well because the price is at the good price point of $9.99 for this book already! The problem is that AMAZON can almost corner the market on pricing, and I hope Barnes and Noble will be able to take the heat. Barnes & Noble is my choice since I have the NOOK.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ukulele NOOK and progress that isn't...

A few random subjects have come up that probably rate mentioning here, since I am still retaining a vestige of interest in blogging! To update my NOOK usage, the device is doing a good job, and doing a good job of accumulating more eBooks. The advantage of the Simple Touch is its one function. I read with it. No back lighting is different from my previous readers, but I got used to it fast. Buying is easy, too easy, and archiving and arranging the books is effortless. And what brought me back to the blog is that friend is beginning a new blog, and she wants to use WordPress. I went on over and got a blog name and played a bit. What's the deal with that? I don't see any advantage to WP over Blogger at all, and in fact for the price (FREE) Blogger offers so much more tweakability. I thought I would change the font on the WP blog, only to find out that that is one more thing you cannot really do unless you pay or use some convoluted coding.  SO here I am using the new Blogger interface since I tried it and cannot see how to get back to the old creation interface. New things for new times. Not necessarily better things for better times though.  You wonder why the ukulele and the dashboard dolls, eh? Back last July I got ukulele fever, and bought a pretty pineapple Luna ukulele. It's a stress relieving fun pastime. I recommend it to all. Read more here at the other blog.