Thursday, June 02, 2011

Getting Things I am NOT done blogging

Since the late 1990's I have been getting the emails from the David Allen company. Have I written before about Getting Things Done? Well, he has other books and materials as well, and really, none of the self-help or organizing books, seminars and what-not out there are nearly as good. For usable, down to earth everyday application, you cannot beat David Allen and his chart. Now, the truth is that the paperback book is all you need. You can photocopy that flow chart, use it and keep it in your daytimer-planner-whatever and maybe somewhere there is a digi-download - who knows. I carry that chart in my Day Timer. Back in the old days of early webness, B&N had a free classes online section which they do not have now. I took the class from David Allen on organization and it was invaluable! The part about emails in your inbox and the snail mail at home and work was great - I now try to get the mail and stand up while I tear up the junk and add to the recycle bin. Great stuff. As to email, now that's a hard one to get a handle on, but keep at it and it can work. A refresher glance at the chart can help organize whatever you have. The BEST little thing I carried away from hat class and still remember is the idea of doing SOMETHING in a ten minute period. You know, you always think you haven't the time for whatever you contemplate doing, but you know - if a bit of that can be done in a 5-10 minute time frame, then do it. You will be surprised how soon that task is complete! it really works...from housework to sewing to your daily work flow at work, to the discarding of excess STUFF, and on and on...just do something! I just hope that David's next book will be how to retire, organize that, keep a schedule and keep living!