Monday, July 31, 2006

New York Observer...

On the front page of The New York Observer this morning is a story about the transformation of East 86th Street, a street holding many good memories for me of what is probably considered the stone ages of the early 60's. Mention is made of the Lorelei dance hall, and the Brauhaus, both old haunts of students in the area in those days. 86th Street was "Germantown" and the neighborhood is Yorkville. No mention is made in the article of the old Student Prince - a restaurant and dance venue where I spent many a happy night. All these places are now gone and apparently have been for years. The neighborhood used to be a street of small family business, German bars and eateries, bakeries, etc., and in general a fun night out.

One night, walking back from 86th street uptown to East 98th Street toward the student residence, about midnight, my boy friend and I saw a man with a hood over his head knocking off the tops of parking meters, and dumping the proceeds into a bag. We walked on by as if we hadn't seen a thing, and he paid no attention to us. That was New York for you.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jeopardy! was good to you Ken...

Well who knew that Ken Jennings had that good a sense of humor! I knew he was funny sometimes on Jeopardy!, but lookie here who has a blog entry that's a SCREAM! Ken's blog about Jeopardy! is making the news due to some completely humor-free persons who have made complaints and harassed him after reading his blog. Gooood grief. Read and enjoy!!