Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer in Vermont 2017

Giving Vermont equal time, as this year the flowers and trees are just lovely - enough rain and last winter's snow has produced some lovely living peonies, flags, rhododendrons, roses and hostas....

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seattle Spring Photo Musings...

Plants are so beautiful when there has been a good amount of snow and rain previously.  The area around Seattle was in bloom, and this was one of the lovely displays in Bothell.

Eating out is always fun and there are so many choices, from Asian cuisines to American Midwest Food. :) This is the window of a new ramen place in Kirkland. And oh my stars - the definition of ramen has to change from those dried packages we have been buying! DELICIOUS here where people know the food.

Display on table of succulents.....including hen and chickens...set off by RED!  The weather was cool most of the time, a few warm days but all in all the climate of the Pacific Northwest is the best ever because there are fewer HOT days. However, the humidity is high a lot of the time.  Like Vermont, the casual clothing most common out in the PNW is another real plus. If you wear your sandals, jeans and fleeces you are going to look like a native for sure! :)

Maltby Cafe wall, located in Snohomish, WA. Mother's Day 2017. Excellent food and done just right. Local is always best.   But sometimes you want a tried and true piece of pie!!!
When you want that tried and true piece of pie, there is always Shari's!  Of course we don't have that in the East, so this is always a treat.....coconut cream pie.....uuummmmm....good!

Driving the bridge to Seattle...they tell me Bill Gates lives right over there in those trees somewhere. Nice location and beautiful sky that day.

Another of my favorites is this lovely tree. Lovely feathery fronds reaching down....beautiful.

Red Robin is always a fun trip! Another place we don't have here.  I love the menu because it is so varied. lots of good times....

Monday, June 12, 2017

Seattle in May.....Lovely....

Another nice Spring in Seattle. More rain and snow in the last year has made for a lovely verdant display of greenery and flowers. Although the camellias were mostly done, the other plants were blooming. To go to Seattle after April in Vermont is a radical change in climate! :)  Coming home to Vermont in very late May or June is also a greenery festival!