Friday, May 27, 2005

Curry and BOFH...

So I am reading BOFH today, and there is mention of "a dodgy curry." Over on the side are the Google ads, and isn't there one there for delicious curry recipes! HAHA. Oh those randomly generated ads from key words in a page. They can be rather entertaining.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bits and pieces and blogs...

Try reading some of the blogs over on the right...see...right there...yes. These are in no special order and include techie and other blogs that I find well done and interesting. Some are a bit too ad filled, but people have their reasons.

I do have a complaint. It would seem that lots of folks never take the time to look at their blogs from the standpoint of design, which I think is a huge part of any web site. When there is a cohesive template, the site looks like you might find something worthwhile there.

I do of course preclude the drek blogs, fansites, etc. Since I would rather not see those, the sadly hideous look they invariable have is not my concern.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wasting time on ideas...

People ask me why I waste time reading articles and weblogs about technical things I don't understand and can't really use. It's because the brain needs fodder, or as in the movie "Short Circuit" - Number 5 says "need input - MORE INPUT!" That's how I feel about it too.

Surprisingly, when you keep pushing the limit and reading things you can't understand, after awhile some of it sinks in and you have at least an inkling of the ideas behind the technical stuff, and that's exciting.

Like fractal geometry, ideas grow in spirals.

Bo Bice on Idol...

O.K...American Idol may not be exactly the pinnacle of culture, but this go-round they have a winner in Bo Bice, a rocker out of Alabama. Rockers have never gotten very far on Idol, if they even get chosen to compete. Bo is a pleasure to watch and here's a novelty - he can really SING. Last night he sang with no background music. The link above has the video.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The one that got away...

I had an insightful post created. It was wonderful. I haven't the energy to reproduce it, but it was a hymn to the talents of Charles Portis. After traveling with Ray down to Central America in "The Dog of the South," I can hardly wait to read "Gringos." However, I will postpone the pleasure because "Gringos" is my last Charles Portis novel, and unless he is at the publisher right this minute, that's all there are.

For a really intelligent and insightful article about Charles Portis, see this in The Believer, which I just might have linked to in a previous Portis post, but is worth adding again.

Salon has a nice piece on Portis in the archives here.

Enjoy the articles, but more importantly, read a Portis novel today!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finished "The Dog of the South"...

Charles Portis writes the straightforward stories of the mundane. Except that mundanity doesn't exist in his character's worlds. The regular guy who dreams big, the guy we might call a loser, who dreams some crazy dream or obsesses on a weird society of kindred spirits, as in "Masters of Atlantis" in the Atlantians and their secret knowledge. But then, all of our ideologies are about "secret knowledge", are they not? Maybe that's what makes Portis resonate with some of us. Portis creates a subculture out of the most poignant, funny and just plain outrageous characters ever assembled. And for some reason a good deal of the time they're on road trips. A rollicking gas of a trip all around, and about the best literary voice I've come across in years. Can't read just one!

"The Dog of the South" is the road trip from hell. Down through Texas from Arkansas and into Mexico and British Honduras. In an old Buick. After the wife who ran away with the co-worker and worse yet, in poor Ray's own car. Well, no need to tell it all, since AMAZON reviews do a pretty fair job of that. I recommend reading the book, not reading ABOUT the book. Just like Ray Midge would.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


The aquarium screen saver from SereneScreen has a goldfishie now. I love the aquarium though. The starfish is an endless source of wasted time. Watch him move. He goes slow. I like the aquarium so much I am thinking of registering it just for work. I do spend a lot of time at work, and the aquarium screen saver makes a great lunch time backdrop to my little lunch and a book.

JAG Goodbye the second...

The last episode of "JAG" very nearly ties up the vital relationship between Harm and Mac. Almost to my satisfaction. I would have liked to have seen a wedding, but you can't ask for it all. A nice end to a good series. Not a blockbuster ending, but much better than some other series endings. Remember the final "Seinfeld?"

Now "JAG" joins "Magnum, P.I." as one of my favorite complete series. Wouldn't "Magnum" on DVD be great?