Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The one that got away...

I had an insightful post created. It was wonderful. I haven't the energy to reproduce it, but it was a hymn to the talents of Charles Portis. After traveling with Ray down to Central America in "The Dog of the South," I can hardly wait to read "Gringos." However, I will postpone the pleasure because "Gringos" is my last Charles Portis novel, and unless he is at the publisher right this minute, that's all there are.

For a really intelligent and insightful article about Charles Portis, see this in The Believer, which I just might have linked to in a previous Portis post, but is worth adding again.

Salon has a nice piece on Portis in the archives here.

Enjoy the articles, but more importantly, read a Portis novel today!

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