Wednesday, November 26, 2003

So, Blogger has tips on what to do if your Mom finds your blog...hahhhahha. How about if MOM'S the BLOGGER? I wrote a note suggesting Blogger give tips on how to handle it if your Mom or grandmother is the blogger. Heh. Now - on to more interesting topics.

Apple and iPod are a happy combination. Mine is now charging along side my eMac. I thought I had quite a bit of music there - from Jimmy Buffett to Shostakovich, but it seems I have only put about an eighth of what it can handle. The iPod needs a dock for certain, and a cover. It is so small and so shiny and slippery. I can see myself doing what I invariably did to the walkman when I used that, get up and forget you have the earphones on and pitch the little goodie across the room and unto the floor. I can't think that that would improve iPod workability.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the menu is easy and set, memorized in the rolling passage of time, unchanging and comfortable. Going to rest, cook, clean up, watch the Macy's Parade, and do all the things that remind me of every Thanksgiving. I remember the Mess Hall years. Those are good memories. My father and mother and I went to the annual gala Thanksgiving banquet the Air Force Mess Halls provided at Plattsburgh A.F.B. and even at Torrejon in Spain so many many years ago. Nuts, oranges, turkey, stuffing, candy, and all the rest, all of away from "home" yet we "brats" were home. I am thankful for family, friends and a warm home and a fine place to work. I wish my grandchildren the same good life.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Did I ever mention that Apple should be selling the new OS, Panther, at a lower price? Especially if you bought your Mac in the last YEAR, not six months? Well, I think if more people let them know that there could be a response. After all - marketing is the thing, and keeping your fanbase, as it is in Mac, as well as your customer base are important for future sales. With Educational Pricing of course it is less, but maybe it should be less for all. So far I enjoy 10.2.8's stability. So perhaps I will wait awhile for all the bugs to be worked out of Panther, although I hear it is one great OS!

On the PC side, I have to admit again that XP is the most stable Windows OS I have ever worked with. At home I find no problems with the Home version, and support of it seems painless. At work the Professional version is also working out much better than I would have expected. I don't like Outlook though, and would never use it at home.
To my amazement I own an iPod. Now to get all the goodies! Well, maybe not so fast. First to arrange everything in iTunes just the way I want it, then upload to iPod. Then to figure out the ramifications of using the iPod for backup data. That's really the nifty thing about the iPod - I was thinking of the tiny FlashHopper or DiskOnKey for something to get "later" but now I think I am all set. Lots of learning to do yet, though.

Maccentral is a great place to get all the Mac news - be in the know!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

IMPRINT has proven to be a great little program. I had trouble with printing the labels at first and I suspected my HP DeskJet with good reason. Since I got the printer with my Mac I thought it would be flawless in functionality - boy was that wrong. The drivers didn't really catch up with MAC OS X until now. When my labels didn't print I went to HP and found drivers from last month and installed them and that solved the printing problem. I think printing is just so basic. Why would OS X have come so very embryonic into this world? It did though, and wasn't even really stable until 10.2.6, and when I came over from the Windows OS I thought I would find the same level of development. I didn't. I do love my Mac though but honestly - Apple really needs to provide the functionality on a more professional level when they release software - you cannot expect people to constantly download new versions of the OS until the thing is finally stable. I am not going to Panther until the beta testing is done by all those folks out there who are buying it now. Of course I do know that each update has the potential of newer and better bugs!