Wednesday, November 12, 2003

IMPRINT has proven to be a great little program. I had trouble with printing the labels at first and I suspected my HP DeskJet with good reason. Since I got the printer with my Mac I thought it would be flawless in functionality - boy was that wrong. The drivers didn't really catch up with MAC OS X until now. When my labels didn't print I went to HP and found drivers from last month and installed them and that solved the printing problem. I think printing is just so basic. Why would OS X have come so very embryonic into this world? It did though, and wasn't even really stable until 10.2.6, and when I came over from the Windows OS I thought I would find the same level of development. I didn't. I do love my Mac though but honestly - Apple really needs to provide the functionality on a more professional level when they release software - you cannot expect people to constantly download new versions of the OS until the thing is finally stable. I am not going to Panther until the beta testing is done by all those folks out there who are buying it now. Of course I do know that each update has the potential of newer and better bugs!

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