Sunday, November 23, 2003

Did I ever mention that Apple should be selling the new OS, Panther, at a lower price? Especially if you bought your Mac in the last YEAR, not six months? Well, I think if more people let them know that there could be a response. After all - marketing is the thing, and keeping your fanbase, as it is in Mac, as well as your customer base are important for future sales. With Educational Pricing of course it is less, but maybe it should be less for all. So far I enjoy 10.2.8's stability. So perhaps I will wait awhile for all the bugs to be worked out of Panther, although I hear it is one great OS!

On the PC side, I have to admit again that XP is the most stable Windows OS I have ever worked with. At home I find no problems with the Home version, and support of it seems painless. At work the Professional version is also working out much better than I would have expected. I don't like Outlook though, and would never use it at home.

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