Friday, October 24, 2003

Now - back to techy info. Nisus Writer Express 1.03 is out - nothing here to really entice me to upgrade yet. A few bug fixes for bugs I never encounter. I am waiting for the BIG ONE. A real upgrade with some features added. I am patient.

Last night I installed, and even PAID FOR, Imprint - a nifty little program to make labels from Mac Address Book. Now to enter all the data in my Address book. I love to churn out labels, and the Mac has proven difficult to do that with. I see that in Panther, they have added this functionality to Address Book itself. I guess that puts the small shareware programmers out of one more program. Sorry to see that happen, but the label functionality is really basic, and Appleworks was the only possibility, and that one a very convoluted one. Not that WORD made labels really easy. You are (were?) constrained to make a whole sheet so you had to trick it into printing a sheet of different addresses, for example for Christmas Cards. But in Address Book printing of labels on the Mac I can now use Imprint and print a label alone in any position on a label sheet or print a whole sheet of one address or a whole sheet of different addresses just selected from Address Book. Imprint will also adjust the fontage to your address length, and that is really a cool little touch! Imprint from

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