Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Meanwhile, Arnold is now governor of California! You just never know. America and the Democratic Process never cease to amaze. No reason in the world why he should not do as good a job as any professional politician. I haven't been totally convinced that the wheels of government don't turn more on the process itself and on the Civil Service than on any one elected official. Historical waves seem to come and go and people act within them, unaware of the influence of a sort of mass psychology. And now as we see the dominance of the Baby Boomer generation slowly crumbling, and the dreams of Democratic deliverance of our people out of Egypt (metaphorically) failing badly, perhaps we see a wave of historical return to individualism. Slowly but surely more people seem tired of rhetoric. And lets face it, the Democrats promised a perfect society sometime in the 1960s and it surely has been awhile and no amount of money thrown around has seemed to improve education, or poverty and has certainly NOT reduced crime and social chaos.

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