Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chabon Returns on Vinyl plus eBook Excitement...

Lookie here! Another Michael Chabon novel! This is really the best news since chewing gum. And somehow I missed that it was being published this week, and then it hit my desk for cataloging. What a terrific week! Of course I zipped on over to B&N to buy me one. So I can wait until maybe October to read this, as I am sure it will be a long wait for another. Having finished Maps and Legends, I did need another fix. Chabon is, without a doubt, the best wordcrafter in the English language today. At the same time as the release of Telegraph Avenue, several publishers settled with the government about eBook pricing. Now that is a milestone, and I hope the government keeps pushing for fairness in the eBook market, as anything over $9.99 is really gouging. I am thinking of an eBook purchase as well because the price is at the good price point of $9.99 for this book already! The problem is that AMAZON can almost corner the market on pricing, and I hope Barnes and Noble will be able to take the heat. Barnes & Noble is my choice since I have the NOOK.

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