Thursday, October 07, 2004

Zire up and running...

I took it out of the box, and I cannot see how it is “blemished.” So that was good. Then I charged it for the three recommended hours. That was fine. I turned it on - it worked. I plugged in the USB cord, stuck it in the Mac, and installed the Palm Desktop for Mac. I dropped the files I wanted on the Zire, hit the HotSync icon, and WHOOOOSCH....up it all went - no sweat. Then I read a bit of “The Wizard of Oz” on the Zire, then fell into bed - now to get addresses imported - I am not putting them in by hand for sure.

I must say Palm OS really is smooth. I like the Palm Reader on the Mac and on Windows, and the Zire is working flawlessly so far. I made the mistake of reading too many dire postings of how the Mac would not support the HotSync, and in reality it all worked flawlessly. Anyhow - all seems well, and I am going to love this baby.

The drawback was absolutely NO paper in the box except the reminder to register the Zire. No booklet with set-up instructions. There are instructions in the software in Adobe Reader format, and luckily I had printed a lot of info from the documents at the PalmOne website before getting the unit. And quite a bit of the documentation is outdated in the version of the software I have - there were two differing instruction sets in two different documents on how to HotSync files from your desktop to the Zire, and neither were necessary with my version of Palm and OS X 10.2.8. It actually supports drag and drop from the directory on the desktop! Then you HotSync and that's that.

Now to get a case so I can carry it with me everywhere. And maybe a lighted stylus...and...

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