Wednesday, October 13, 2004

USA a third world country?

What is this flu vaccine nightmare? One company only that we buy from, and it is in the UK? And then they get contaminated and we have to cut back tremendously on our distribution of the vaccine? So - how much does this country really value health care, prevention and the lives of its citizens? All good questions. At least my aged father got a flu shot. Many of us who usually get them are not going to get them this year. There will be lives lost because of the incredible situation our healthcare priorities have begotten. And believe this - none of the politicians will really give us national health care because in order to run for office one must be beholden to far too many large corporations. The only way to GET better health care is to constantly lobby and write to your congressional representatives not once but consistently. And it will take far more people to do this than I think are willing to take the time. As long as SHAME is the reaction one has to having no health insurance, we are stuck in our own cultural morass.

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