Thursday, October 21, 2004

Palm fun

And, in other news, the Zire 21 is a lot of fun. The "blemished" part of my purchase is either the teensie nick on the screen, OR the fact that the battery is pretty easy to run down in not too long a time. This battery thing shouldn't happen in the Zire models because they are monochrome, and they have no glitz like cameras, color photo display, etc. Meanwhile, I bought Eric Snider's Solitaire, and QED the Palm OS "word processor." It is sooo cute, really. I am surprised at the functionality of something as small as the 160x160 screen on the Zire. I am so glad I bought it because my purpose was to get one at rock bottom cost and see if I liked using it. The trial is still ongoing, as I don't fully trust the PDA over my paper organizer yet. After all, I carry various items tucked into the pockets of the organizer, and I have to do "virtual tucking" on the PDA. I am very pleased with the Mac Palm Desktop software, and in addition, I back up the user data to my own file as well as doing the built-in backup. I have also acquired a little program for converting txt to pdb and back again on the Mac. PorDiBle is excellent, and it is open source software. I don't like or have PayPal, so I cannot make a donation for this, but I want to get the word out - PorDiBle for Mac!

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