Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debates and baseball...

The Yankees and the Red Sox are better viewing than the presidential debates. The general reaction to the debates seems to be to make fun of the candidates, parody their gestures, critique how they said what they said and in general to reduce it all to show biz. When I hear a commentator say "Kerry should not be allowed to talk without the script his writers give him", or hear "What was that square thing Bush had on?" I can only say that a realization of how serious the world is now, and the thought that is really required to make hard choices, is absent. How can it be that humor and cynicism have supplanted thoughtful consideration, hard thinking and deliberation. I have to chose between two men to lead our nation. I may not feel up to that challenge. The easy fix means people want to think that Kerry will make it all better, but logic tells me that he hasn't been doing the job, so he hasn't actually had to make any decisions that matter, and "talk is cheap" as the old cliche goes. Meanwhile, the President of the United States has had to do the job. I have no way to know if Kerry would do that job better, worse, or much the same.

Meanwhile baseball provides a battle of another kind. One that really doesn't matter, thus is much easier on the soul.

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