Monday, February 07, 2005

Fishpad and ScrapX...

Installing Fishpad is simple. It functions as a scrapbook and clipboard, as does ScrapX. They are on opposite ends of a continuum though. ScrapX, if anything, is overdocumented! What a joy, really, to find an application with so much user information. There is a PDF user's manual, an addendum to same, a readme file, etc., and the website is chock full of information. I love it. Fishpad is bare bones, no help, simple and works. A great FREE app. I like them both, so I decided to keep them both, register ScrapX, and try to figure out what use I can make of them both. I used Fishpad the other evening just to take some random notes. Compared to the usual clipboard, which holds only one item both in Windows and in Mac, these programs are a Godsend.

Have ordered yet one more Kensington Mouse, the Kensington 72121 Optical Mouse. I had one, I really liked it, but I gave it away to another family computer in the house. I am finally replacing that one on my Mac. The IOGEAR trackball/regular mouse is great, but the functionality is not full in Mac OS X so I want that mouse at work instead of the HO-HUM Logitech mouse they provide with these machines.

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