Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Microsoft WORD for Mac

I did it. I got MS WORD on the Mac and OH BOY. What a relief. I am sorry Nisus Writer and Mariner Write, but WORD blows away all the other word processors for the Mac. I have been soldiering onward with Appleworks and Nisus for the last three years, and now I am sorry I didn't get WORD right away. I didn't get Office because I don't need it. But I need WORD. Mactopia has a nice newsletter and lots of ideas for using the Notebook features and Articles and Tips has resources for projects. I found the interface not only Macish but prettier than the Mac apps I already have. WOW. So, I read everything I could about the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft and it was pretty interesting. Is there hope for convergence of systems? Who knows. The propaganda from Apple about Microsoft is getting a bit worn and tattered at this point. Everytime I read one of my Mac magazines and see someone take another hit at MS over the BSOD I scream. Haven't had one of those on a PC since we installed XP. Get with it, MacHeads. I love my Mac but I also use and like XP on a PC.

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