Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More blogging...better music...

I read on the Blogger Blog that the number of blog posts are apparently doubling as of the first part of this year. That is probably NOT cause for glee, since most blogs are drek anyway. Perhaps the term blog is not the correct terminology for most blogs, but the more common term journal would be more appropriate because it suggest the daily entry of some random thought or observation. I mean, I feel that now that anyone can do this, as a few years ago it happened that many could do a web site, the quality will of course be subverted. And has been.

My own blog is extraneous because I have no focus, no theme, nothing that it is ABOUT, as my mentor in cataloging says about many books. Still, writing is an outlet that allows for some scope, so the excercise is good for the brain. No one wants to hear this stuff, so writing it is better.

And it gives us something to do while we listen to our iTunes Music Store playlist...right now - Freddie Fender and "Sugar Coated Love", a few minutes ago Toby Keith but - and this is great - before that it was "Limpopo - Crazy Russian Folk and Rock 'n' Roll Music" with "Midnight in Moscow". And before that Josef Strauss's "Music of the Spheres." So you see I have no focus in either this blog or in my music.

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