Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Yes indeed, the mouse speed was too fast. I had turned it up all the way and that was apparently too much for my little MacAlly IceMouseJr. I love the mouse though. Anyhow, now I can say that Photologist is responsive all the time! The photo gallery feature is so nice, and the interface, though needing figuring out, is easily learned. I have to admit I rarely use the HELP feature in a program unless really pressed, so perhaps a read through would have saved me even the small amount of time it took to get going in Photologist. I had tried this program before about a year ago to the week, and I am really impressed with the latest incarnation. Have a look at To the Point Software, Terry Findlay programming in Real Basic. I have the little calendar program and the font manager from him as well. Excellent little programs. Although I cannot call the font program "little." I like it a lot.

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