Tuesday, December 14, 2004

eBooks keep you warm in winter

Or at least eBooks keep you busy doing something other than peering out the window at the falling snow. Having just finished Robert Ludlum's "The Sigma Protocol", I dove into "The Golden Compass." Light reading makes the time go by faster, and Ludlum is fast all right...maybe not so light. "The Golden Compass" is an intriguing story of demons, humans, evil, good - the usual. Set in a universe somewhat like ours, but a bit skewed from ours in history and development. A quest story, and only the first of (guess what?!) a trilogy. Excellently written, I am fast becoming coiled in the story, and no doubt will read my way through all three books within the next month or so.

I have about five books going now - paper as well as "e". The "Ladies No.1 Detective Agency" books are so warm and intelligent. I thought I was on the last one, but another in the series comes out in a few months! I must preorder it at AMAZON!

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