Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Absolute Friends...

John LeCarre's fans, and I am one, must find the depression quotient in his recent novels rather bothersome. "Absolute Friends" was about the futility of it all really, and it bore the cynical signs of aging of a talent. Not that the subject matter is not believable, but the story is unrelenting, full of propaganda, and all in all quite sad. I thought "A Perfect Spy" was very sad as well, but it was a much better book from the standpoint of writing and readability. I did like the protagonist of "Absolute Friends", and I could almost identify with him. He was a global nomad, a man whose enculturation was not his nationality, an Englishman with an Asian soul and a good heart. His end and that of his friend were semi-self induced, but the whole milieu of the story makes the end inevitable.

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