Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Winter Darwin, and computerized sewing...

Winter has its fun days. Like lunch at a warm, cheery place that makes you feel you just might be in a tropical locale...

In other news, I am going to pass some fun days sewing on my new computerized sewing machine, the Kenmore 19233. Computers allow for many more stitch patterns including monogramming, yet sewing is much the same as always.The machine is very smooth and solid. Learning curve is easy, and the weather outside makes staying in at the machine appealing!

For even more tropical vibes, I am reading "A Salty Piece of Land" by Jimmy Buffett. His books are always a terrific escape, and entertaining as well. I did reread "Take Another Road" from "Tales of Margaritaville" first because Tully Mars is also the main character in "A Salty Piece of Land." Who wouldn't want to ride their horse along the Gulf!

Meanwhile the ebook up and reading now is "Darwin's Radio." Interesting premise, good story, but drags along slowly due to all the scientific jargon. Could have been shorter. I already read the sequel with the "speed-through-and-skim" method, so when I finish this I will be done with it. Premise is that what seems like a new disease is the evolution of a new species of human being better equiped than we are to deal with the world as it now is, and to communicate in new and different ways. Interesting. As you could surmise, the rest of us don't seem too happy with "Homo Spapiens Nova."

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