Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another academic scene author has crossed my path. Why haven't I read any David Carkeet before? I fell across The Error of Our Ways recently, and the drollery and situational complications are both entralling and entertaining. Set in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri; a suburb with academic connections, the story is two threads so far, moving toward one another with inevitable hubbub to follow. More critique when I have finished.

Dortmunder is my current ebook. This time it's What's the Worst that Could Happen and I think the answer is coming up in a few more chapters. Again, Dortmunder has himself in a complex situation, but this time it is of his own making. Can't wait to see if he extricates himself, May and Andy without any lasting ramifications. Again, more to follow. I may have to actually buy the rest of the Dortmunder books in print! Wait - there is always ILL. It is too bad they aren't all in ebook form.

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