Monday, November 19, 2007

Kindle reading device...

This morning we are greeted at AMAZON.COM with the Kindle announcement and several videos and lots of reading about Kindle, AMAZON's new handheld reading device. We have come a long way from the Rocket eBook, but apparently there is still some work to be done. The Kindle is lovely, make no mistake. Wireless, not dependent on a computer, easily manipulated. Watch the videos...a nice piece of engineering. As with other electronic books, and other devices, the price is hefty, and you don't get what a lot of people call "real" books. At $399, this device is expensive. Books are advertised as being $9.99 or less, and you can buy them instantly because the Kindle uses cell phone technology to search and deliver to your device directly from AMAZON. Newspapers, books and blogs are available, and it even gets your newspaper daily, and your blog updates whenever. The screen is not backlit, and you can read in the light outdoors as well as in. It can also use an SD card for even more than the 200 items we are told it can hold.This is a pretty exciting device really, and my only critiques are the price and the proprietary and non-transferable format of the reading matter. What I love about my Palm handheld with my eReader software *IS* that I can have the books on more than one computer with more than one OS. I have the software on my Mac, on my work PC, and of course on my Zire. I can take that little guy anywhere and read up a storm. It is hard to read outside with it, that's a good point, but I never read outside with it anyway. I also have the books I have purchased on my PC, and backed up on CDs, and I can easily load them unto any Palm I buy. I am on my second device and have had no problems, I simply wanted to upgrade to a color display. Secondly, color - apparently the Kindle has no color. I didn't see anywhere in the demo video where color was apparent. I like to change my background to dark and my fonts to light. I couldn't do this with the Kindle because it has a dull grey background with black font.

In short, this device is exciting, and will surely be a seller just because of AMAZON's huge customer base. As terrific as it looks now, down the road it can only get better!

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