Sunday, March 02, 2008

eReader SOLD...winter...blogging malaise

eReader up and sold to Fictionwise. HHhmmm....I haven't a clue what this will mean for the Palm book format. Motricity decided to get out of the ebook biz and concentrate on their mobile technology lines. Can't blame them, but I liked eReader and never dealt with Fictionwise. The changes so far seem to be backend, and are good so far. Cart remembers you and what you have in it, wish list changes as you add books to cart. These are new changes. So the site is being retooled to bring it up to more current usage practices. I wonder when the changes in book unlock and so on will come if they do come.

AMAZON'S Kindle may be the driving force behind this merger for Fictionwise. There is already ability to get some books with mobile phone technology other than Kindle. As long as Kindle is so expensive and so limiting in format I am not interested as a buyer, but of course I am interested as an observer. It's development is interesting. The ebook readership has not grown to the proportions envisioned back in the early 90s of course, and Kindle might lure a few more people into the fold, so in that way it may encourage other vendors as well.

Winter proceeds - we have broken the ALL TIME record for snow in February and fast approaching the top of the top 10 all time winter snow loads. How wonderful. Could have lived without the honor. Can't do much either way.

Blog malaise sets in every few months...I think post-blogging is hitting me just as post-iPod did! Blogging is at best a harmless narcissistic activity for those of us who can't find enough people in real life to bore, and after awhile it does lose its shiny newness. I could go on about the political climate, how boring is that? Pretty darn boring!

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