Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HDTV is better than chocolate...really...

We got HDTV hooked up and WOW...boy...this stuff is terrific. What'll they think of next? I mean the resolution is more than the human eye sees when the human eye looks out on the world. EVERY little pimple on the Red Sox faces is there for all to see. Just in time for a look at the Olympics as well. Again I say - WOW. Luckily the History Channel, and National Geo also do HD, as does the Food Channel, HGTV, Sci-Fi for goodness sake. All my favs. Also get two PBS channels in HD...my cup runneth over. Thank you local TV fiber optic cable provider!

1 comment:

  1. Great kitty picture! Who is the orange cat?

    As for watching baseball on HDTV...great, not only will we see pimples better, but also the chewing, spitting, and adjusting too! Honey, pass me the spittoon.