Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter with Amelia Peabody...

Thank you Elizabeth Peters. Again, I appreciate the sun of Egypt in the background of the droll adventures of Amelia and her crew. Having read my way through a few more Peabody books, and looking forward to a few more before the dawn of Spring and the return of civilized weather, I am more than glad to reflect on the wonderful that is books. What would I have done all these years if I didn't read? There are people who don't read. Perfectly intelligent people who will tell you they don't read. To me it is incomprehensible. Rather like the feeling they must get when I tell a person of what I call the "gym-species" that I don't run, or climb, or bench press, or hike, or ski, or swim, or really - hardly move around at all! They cannot imagine life without the frenetic movement which they so love, and I cannot imagine life without the escape into thought.

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