Sunday, July 12, 2009

USPS Post Office closings?

The USPS wants to close many post offices around the country because "...[the post offices] are not intended to operate as monuments to a bygone era of postal customer interaction." (from Linn's Weekly Stamp News with a masthead of July 27, 2009. Well, now - as a postal customer, I was hoping that interaction wasn't relegated to a bygone era, and I was even hoping that service and customer oriented USPS services might come back! That bygone era was one in which service was better and the intricacies of the postal system were understood by all. Now you're lucky if the poor postal clerk can keep track of the various fees, regulations and postal rules when you have the temerity to mail something that isn't a regular envelope! So, if this were to mean the closure of many small town post offices, one might ask these questions: where are people going to get packages mailed, and purchase their postal needs? O.K., so I can buy stamps off the Internet, but here's a news bulletin - many people don't have the Internet! WOW. I know. Before this goes into effect, our legislators should certainly look into these plans. The Post Office would like to initiate these closures as soon as this October!

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