Tuesday, September 29, 2009

eBooks, Louis Tracy and Barnes & Noble...

Now Barnes & Noble enters the eBook arena with the eReader format! I am so very happy to see this happen! The website is sleek and well featured, and the explanation is terrific. I wonder why more people haven't realized that eReader format has been around a long time, and can be read on mobiles of several brands, and on the WinPC and on the Mac. I have been reading them for a lot of years. Options for colors and setup are many, and it all just works smoothly. No need to buy a separate device to read books. Your Bookshelf is also stored for you on the site you choose to use. In addition to their own B&N site, Barnes & Noble own the Fictionwise and the eReader websites as well. Having watched the eBook market and the proliferation of devices coming and going over the last more than ten years, I look forward to seeing even more ebooks out there. The real problem lies in the creeping price increases now that major book sellers and publishers realize the potential. No one wants to pay the full hardcover retail for an eBook no matter the title. I see those prices and wonder who is buying them. Waiting until the mass paperback edition is out usually results in the pricing of an eBook downward to the paperback price or less. Meanwhile, once you have eReader you can get a lot of books free which are in the public domain. I just discovered Louis Tracy recently because of digging for treasure on free ebook sites. Try it, you'll like it!

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