Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Reactions to the Apple Mini

I just might be wrong in my previous prediction. So far the bait has been caught in the teeth of two known Windows users. Both techies. I do feel however, that the Mac experience is a montage of the senses as well as a better technical answer. The sight and feel of a Mac with keyboard and display is civilized, smooth and understated. If I had a display hanging around, or enough cash to buy an Apple display, I might be tempted by the new Mini. Of course I have a keyboard and a mouse or two to spare, but the display is another thing altogether. But I bet the demographic is out there.

And how about that Steve J. Anyway? Bringing out the tiny little iPod offshoot, eh? Well, let the music wars begin or continue or whatever. I love my iTunes and the iTunes Music Store.

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