Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Television is taking over.....

I admit it seems as though television is taking over my life. I am either staring at that tube or the one on my desk. PC or TV? Since getting high speed cable for the Mac and the digital television package all together, it seems as though the mapping of an evenings viewing is mandatory. Paying that much for television, you want to max out your usage. So far I don't regret the STARZ package. A few good movies each week, and a few that we watch anyway. The first thing you notice is the increase in the amount of crap from the earlier crap levels. There really is a plethora available. On the plus side is the BBC America, although it isn't as great as I had hoped. Turner Classic Movies is always breaking up into pixilated particles on me, which is a disappointment.

I am a sitcom addict, and I will watch any mildly intelligent sitcom. BBC's "The Office" was better than the USA version of course, although the USA version certainly has the more harsh quality that probably does exist in the offices around the country. Instead of feeling sorry for the boss, I just loath him, whereas I felt sorry for the Ricky Gervais character and wanted to like him more. Well, you can't beat an original. It is hard to step into a character someone else got a Golden Globe for!

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