Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Seattle...even MORE thoughts

They say that Seattle has the highest IQ per capita in the US. I am not surprised by this statistic after noting two anomolies. First, Seattle and environs has more book stores, new and used per block than anywhere I have been, including New York. Second hand books are everywhere, and the St. Vincent de Paul store on Bothel Way in Kenmore has a huge used book section running to two rooms and a children's section! You won't see that in a thrift store many places. And the books are not all schlock! I had to hold back so I wouldn't have to drag books home on the plane. In the grocery stores and the usual chain stores there are larger selections of books, including literature than I have ever seen in run of the mill stores. I didn't get a chance to hit any larger book stores in downtown Seattle but I have heard rumors of great finds to be made!The second odd thing hit me in the face while driving around the area of Kirkland, Kenmore and Bothel just on routine errands and scenic tours - the street signs! Where else would you see a sign reading "Road Revision" not to mention "Arterial Ends"! Out in normalville the signs say either "No Thru Traffic" or "Dead End", and the "Road Rivision"; does that mean "Construction Ahead?" My goodness, one would have to have ones handy Pocket Webster's to navigate! There must be a handbook somewhere with Handy Travelers Phrases for Seattle. In the foreign language section perhaps. All in all a good thing to see signs of intellect infusing the landscape. Pervasive sense of civilization, all the while remaining quite the most calm setting of any major city I've visited.

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