Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wintery Seattle trip...

Had occasion to go to Seattle again sooner than I expected. January isn't usually so wintery there, and people were caught off guard and panic ensued after already having had a bad windstorm that was more damaging than anyone had seen in decades. We were pretty much inside and watching the news people wallow in the weather news as folks abandoned their cars, slipped into ditches and decried the state of the side streets. Indeed the side streets were in bad shape until the weather warmed up and melted them because the municipal authorities didn't get to the neighborhoods much at all due to the main roads being to big a job for the equipment they own around that area. I doubt they budget for snow removal much.We did do an intrepid trip out to Microsoft to look around and get lunch. That was fun, and it was a sunny day! What could be better in the Seattle area than a sunny day? So if you are going to Seattle in winter you will probably need a warm winter coat, boots and gloves just as if you were in New England, at least for a few days if you hit it right. Take your down vest too, can't be too careful.

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