Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No more MacAddict...

Shockingly, today I found out that MacAddict is no longer the old rabble rousing pub it once was. Now it has been reborn as MacLife. YAWN. Well, I had let my subscription go as I have let Mac World go. They are mainly advertising, although I had gotten some great tips and advice over the years from both pubs. The old MacAddict CDs were a lot of fun. I liked the attitude. A few web pundits are of the opinion that as Apple got more prosperous, and iPod rules, the whole revolutionary Mac "thing" was outdated. That's probably a good point. Probably the most revolutionary thing about Mac at this point is the inclusion of Boot Camp, thus rendering your Mac able to run windows. I expect the next generation of Mac to come with either OS installed already or both. Apple hardware is so much better than other hardware. You can't go back to a plastic black cheapie box after you've had a Mac, but maybe you're a Windows person who wants some quality in the hardware! Great - I am no apostle of Steve Jobs, and if the hardware fits - wear it!

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