Monday, November 17, 2008

High Fidelity and Nick Hornby...

I've been reading Nick Hornby lately. High Fidelity first. I can just see John Cusack in the story. Why is that? Well, I saw the movie first, and I must say the characterization was perfect in the film. I felt more sympathy for Rob in the book than in the movie, but I love John Cusack's work, so I also liked the movie. A good example of modern British rather alienated characters, the books Hornby writes have a certain grit, and lots of droll humor. About a Boy has the same main character really, except here he doesn't work, and Hugh Grant was perfect for the part!. But he is still a perennial youth, a teenager, a fuzzy-brained idiot really, who hasn't figured out a real life. I haven't finished About a Boy, so the verdict isn't in yet on if I will read any more of Nick Hornby. We'll see.

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