Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Netbook from Lenovo...

This is a cool little mini-laptop. WOW. I see this as the wave of the future in mobile computing. Large enough to actually see, as opposed to a phone unit, big enough to see a film, yet has the specs you could actually use in a computer while traveling. And at such a light weight at 2.6 pounds? Great. And the price is another happy surprise. This baby goes on my want list. I picture myself keeping my whole ebook library on this, and some music to read by! I think maybe when the next couple generations of this small unit come out it will be time to make a move. See where this trend leads. As a late adopter, I keep my eyes on the prize, but make no move until something has been tested by all those early adopters! CompUSA has a dazzling array of Netbooks and there are many more out there.

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