Saturday, February 06, 2010

See you later...but notice eBooks are heating up...

There is suddenly a lot of interest in eBooks - all sorts of Johnny Come Latelys are getting into the act. Palm could have really promoted them more years ago, but now AMAZON rules with Kindle. Lots of us still use eReader format, and B&N has got that now. I am still waiting for the confirmation that my DRM books from eReader over the past several years would work on the Nook. Or my gaggle of free ebooks as well for that matter. We'll see. I don't really feel like blogging here any more. I am taking a hiatus for awhile, and thinking about blogging altogether. It may be that I am in my post-blogging phase here at the EW site. So for awhile it's "see ya later!" Read some good books, drink some good tea, and take your eyes off the computer for awhile! ;)

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