Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resist higher eBook prices...

Suddenly publishers want more money for eBooks. I really know that I will not be paying any $15 for ebooks. No sharing with friends, no cover art, no back cover, no actual paper, and yet they want that price?! The New York Times covers the issue here. AMAZON tried a boycott of a major publishing house, but backed off after a couple days. I hope consumers refuse these prices. When I started reading ebooks, several were free. And then I started buying them at, and I think the most I have paid is probably around $12. But after discount offers, it turns out to be less. I think the optimum, price is right around $7, but AMAZON and B&N have put a $10 price tag on eBooks as the optimum pricing. I can agree in theory. The great thing about eBooks is the easily stored library you can tote around with you. I use it traveling. 35+ books are nice to have in a handheld as you sit in the airport, and you can read in bed easily! BUT, at $15 apiece, I do hope the sales plummet and the publishers get a rap on the hands. Take about gouging! There are so many classics in my eBook library - over 1000, and I can start in reading all of Mark Twain or Dickens! I know I said goodbye - but the whole eBook thing is heating up and enthusing my opinion generators!

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