Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nook tidbits and iMac Joy...

First the lovely iMac 21.5. Quiet, quiet, elegant, shiny and new. OH and QUIET. Joy. The display is 1920x1080, which turns out to be not the standard wide width, but is 16:9 aspect ratio and very impressive indeed. This version of Mac OSX is a real grownup version. The version I had been using was embryonic in comparison. Well, I went from Jaguar to Snow Leopard! Quite a leap. Cannot wait to see Burn Notice episodes I miss next half-season! - THE NOOK: O.K...the Nook! can read your eBooks you have already from or Fictionwise or the palm format books one has acquired over the years - all readable on the Nook. I downloaded the user manual from B&N, and there, on page 81 it all becomes clear. I can't tell you how elated I am because Palm and Mac and probably Windows, though I don't know - no longer support syncing on my Zire. The Zire is still fine, but Mac dropped Palm sync a long time ago, and Palm Desktop along with it. SO - a newer reader is imperative in the short run, but it's a longish short run because my eMac is still fully functional and will do the job. If you are attached to outmoded tech, you need your outmoded support hardware to do the job. It does kinda rankle to have to buy new hardware and software and peripherals each time you upgrade. This time I don't have to do that - printer is an HP and the new Mac loves it, and the old Mac supports anything I still want that the new Mac won't support.

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