Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Kirkland, Seattle and observations...

Having returned from a trip to Seattle and Kirkland, I have to say that I thank God for the quick tickets on Delta Airlines.
A medical emergency had us on the plane within 5 hours of an early morning phone call. That was in March. Things are going well now, and that lets me write a bit more about Kirkland and Seattle. First, kudos to the staff of Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. A wonderful staff, hospitalists, nurses, therapists and every one of the ancillary staff were helpful, professional and proactive in the best sense of those words.I like it out there. The number of used bookshops is incredible, the verdure is awesome, the air is crisp except when it's so full of moisture you feel like you need gills, and all in all it's a great place to be.The family lives in the Saint Edward State Park area, and the drive up is scenic indeed, with drop offs to Lake Washington providing idyllic views. There's also a good Mexican eatery right on Juanita Drive, small but really tasty!. Getting around is getting easier, and this time I actually knew where I was at several points driving around. One very important discovery was that Trader Joe's is a block downhill from Evergreen Hospital, which came in handy. I love Trader Joe's and wouldn't have been able to discover that unless I had been to Seattle! Although they headquarter in MA, there is no store here in Vermont. There should be, and I wrote and told them so. The second nice store I must mention is Hancock Fabrics. Again, no store here in that corporate line. Now, lest you think I am all about retail, let me sing the beauties of Juanita Bay Park, Saint Edwards Park, and just the scenery on a good day in Kirkland. Cloud City Coffee appears in these photos, again, a great place to sit and surf or just sit and enjoy, and with all the rainy days, getting out to coffee is one of the main passtimes both in Seattle and Vermont as well! In between visiting Washington, I plan my next trip out. I've never been there in the Fall, so maybe that is the next step.


  1. Are those my kids ankles in the top right corner? I like that photo!

  2. O.K. yes. I strove to protect the anonymity of the subject, but yes. :)